Our Wedding: Flowers & Centrepieces

Alright, alright. Technically you could argue that the flowers should have been included in my post about our décor. But I loved our flowers so much that I thought I should let them shine all on their own! The flowers were done by Linda at Killaloe Flowers & Gifts and I couldn’t have been happier with them…. my bouquet was possibly my most favourite thing about our wedding (ahem… I mean after marrying my one true love, and spending time with our wonderful friends and family). I paid for my first few years of university by working part-time in a flower shop, and I think we’ve established that I’m picky as hell even about things that I don’t have first-hand experience with, so the flowers needed to be top notch. And they were!

For the centerpieces, I wanted a sort of cluster of different items for a more laid-back look, and played around with a few different things until I was happy. I decided on lace cutout pots from Ikea, mason jars that I collected from flea markets/borrowed from friends, square glass vases from Dollarama, and mosaic tile table numbers (kindly loaned by my sister-in-law). The favours looked super cute on the tables too in their little blue boxes with the monogram I designed (truffles from koko chocolates).


(bottom left photo credit: My Tran Trung)

For the bouquets, I went with white roses, seeded eucalyptus, and dusty miller (grown by the florist herself)!  For my bouquet, the florist added in some purple limonium and white lisianthus… it was stunning. I gave her a few pictures to work with and she came up with something really beautiful! For the gents, the boutonnieres were also white roses, with seeded euc added for the groom.


bridal party

Sigh. Aren’t they just gorgeous? (and how pretty are those ladies?)

Funny side note about the flowers, and weddings in general: the week of the wedding, our florist called to say she was not able to get the white kalanchoes that I had requested for the centrepieces. Instead she was going to get a white mini rose, which was fine by me since I love roses. The day that I picked them up, she told me that she was super sorry but the roses that came in were YELLOW. I used every ounce of good manners and reason I had not to flip out, and the quiet voice inside my head said “Cathy, the colour of the rose does not matter. Everything is going to be perfect because you are marrying your best friend. Nothing else matters, not even the colour of the centerpieces that you have been agonizing over.” I took a deep breath and told her that we would work with it. Luckily, the buds were nice and tight and hadn’t opened yet, and they were more of an off-white buttery colour than yellow, so no one noticed! Sometimes, not losing your mind on a poor lady who is just trying her best pays off and karma gives you a break.

So there you have our flowers! Stay tuned for my next post full of wedding DIY goodness, featuring the sash(es) I made for my dress, as well as my silk flower fascinator.


Note: all photos taken by LilyCreek Photography & Art Studio unless otherwise stated.

Our Wedding: Décor

Although I spent a lot of time on the invitations and stationary, decorating our wedding ceremony and reception hall was a big job too. Since our dinner was held in the restaurant of Spectacle Lake Lodge, it needed some tweaking to have the look I wanted… Mostly this involved hunting through flea markets or stores for the right item, but I also made a few key pieces.

For our ceremony, I was tempted to make a program to match our invitations- but one of my first DIY projects was refurbishing an old flea market frame into a magnetic chalkboard, and I knew it would look awesome as our program. To write out the program, I did a few Pinterest searches until I found an example of one I liked. Then I used a chalk marker to write, erase, and write again until I was happy.*


For our seating plan, I loved the look of salvaged window frames that I found on Pinterest. I found the perfect window at Tin Barn Market, a really cute shop in Merrickville, ON.  I printed out the seating plan and traced over it on the window using white Sharpie markers (water soluble, not oil). At first I was using clear tape to stick the paper to the underside of the window, but I had to do some emergency tweaking the night before the wedding and I discovered (duh) that I could just literally put the window on top of the paper and trace over it without using tape!


When I found a really cool piece of driftwood at my family’s cottage a few summer’s ago, I knew I could make something unique with it. Our wedding gave me the perfect excuse to figure out what exactly! I bought tealights and glass holders from Ikea, measured the diameter of the glass holder and bought a forstner drill bit from Lee Valley (I actually bought the wrong size at first, which is why I am now banned from measuring things).  My husband drilled holes into the wood where I wanted the candles to go, and we hot glued the glass holders on… you could also drill deeper so that the glass just sits in the recess. We paired the driftwood with photos of both of our parents and sisters from their respective weddings.


One traditional wedding item that I never planned on getting was a cake topper. I just didn’t think it was for me, and everything else about our wedding was not really all that traditional (for example, I opted not to wear a veil… and DIY’d a fascinator instead). But then I made the mistake of doing an Etsy search for a cake topper and I found this adorable pair:


How CUTE?? I guess they were more steampunk than “rustic elegant” but I had to have them. Maybe it was all the Daft Punk I was listening to at the time… or maybe they reminded me of a Get Up Kids album cover, a band my husband and I both liked when we were dating.  They were one of the few things that I really splurged on and spent more than I reasonably should have. But je ne regrette rien!

For our gift table, we made a card box out of old wood pallets. We more or less followed a tutorial I found on Instructables.com. The best part about a wood pallet project is, it’s FREE! Well, providing you have the necessary tools and hardware lying around anyway. We scored our pallets from the loading dock at my workplace, but I’ve seen them in big stacks at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and at the Ottawa Trainyards. I also made a bunting banner to go with it. Admittedly, it is large for a card box but now it does double duty in our living room as a storage box (you can see how we made it here).


To put the finishing touches on the hall décor, I used aqua blue glass vases to tie in our wedding colours in various spots. Some of the vases I filled with artificial cherry blossoms, and I used one of the larger vases with a large pillar candle on the mantel, along with my flea market lanterns and Ampersand sign (an Etsy find). For our “guestbook” I wanted to do something unique, so I went with these adorable wooden hearts. We put the hearts in a keepsake box I found at the Third World Bazaar a few years ago, and once they were signed our guests placed them in a mason jar. Finding the mason jars at flea markets was probably the most time consuming thing I undertook for the wedding- I paid anywhere from $2-20 for them depending on how much energy I had for haggling!


(bottom left photo credit My Tran Trung)

All of our decorations really pulled our “rustic yet elegant” theme together… plus it was so fun shopping for everything! Stay tuned for my next wedding post: our flowers and centrepieces!


Note: all photos taken by LilyCreek Photography & Art Studio except where otherwise stated.

*Although easy to wipe off with water at first, when I tried to erase the chalkboard weeks after our wedding the chalk marker wouldn’t come off. So if you want it to be temporary, you may want to avoid the chalk markers and stick with good ol’ chalk. I found this really awesome link on Pinterest that shows how to do a faux hand lettered chalkboard, I’m definitely going to do it that way in the future!