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I was looking through our wedding photos to give to a friend and I realized I never really shared our wedding story here. Sure, I wrote a few posts on all the stuff I DIY’d for our wedding, but that leaves out the fun back-story of how we came to be planning a wedding in the first place!


On a weekend trip to Montreal for the Osheaga Music Festival in 2009

Al and I met in at Laurentian University in Sudbury, ON through mutual friends, and while we chatted we discovered that we liked a lot of the same kinds of music. We exchanged mixed CDs and bonded over Weezer, Sloan, and The Decemberists, among others; eventually he asked me out on a date. I heard afterwards that he had contemplated taking me blueberry picking… thankfully he settled on a walk in the park and coffee at Starbucks, because I am not confident I would have agreed to a second date after that!


Camping with friends in 2012

When I moved to Ottawa to start my job, he was still finishing school in Sudbury (6 hours away). We knew long distance relationships were hard and didn’t often succeed. It was tough for sure, but we both put a lot of effort into seeing each other and we made it work in the end. Al found a job in Ottawa and we were together again a year later. In 2012 when we were in Sudbury for Christmas with my family, he took me back to the same park where we had our first date and asked me to marry him! He likes to tell people that the first thing I said after he proposed was not “Yes”, but “What, no speech?” He didn’t think he’d be able to eloquently make a flowery testament to our love without stumbling, so he just simply got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” Those were the only words I really wanted to hear anyway!


My favourite shot from our engagement photos  (LilyCreek Photography & Art Studio)

Neither of us wanted a long engagement so we decided to get married the following September. The hardest thing about planning our wedding was definitely choosing the venue- our families were 7 hours away from each other, and our extended families and friends would be coming from all over the country and all over the world. Rather than making one side of the family drive to the other, we decided to choose a place in neutral territory that would be a shorter drive for everyone. It was also really important to me to get married on a lake somewhere, since I grew up living on a lake. We finally settled on the perfect place: Spectacle Lake Lodge in Barry’s Bay, ON! It had cottages for most of our guests to stay the weekend, and there were other hotels and bed & breakfasts nearby. Best of all, it was on a lake and was near Algonquin Park, where we had spent many fun weekends camping. Adding to its allure was the smoked prime rib that they gave Al to sample- our second most important criterion was giving our guests a delicious meal.

lake view of spectacle lake lodge

View from the restaurant at Spectacle Lake Lodge

Restaurant overlooking the lake at Spectacle Lake Lodge

So we booked the place out and invited our guests to stay the weekend with us. We are forever grateful that everyone made the trip, since we all had to travel to get there. The logistics of planning a wedding in a different town were a little tricky, but not insurmountable.

I’ve chosen some of my favourite wedding photos to share with you. Enjoy!

Note: all photos below courtesy of LilyCreek Photography & Art Studio.

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Ahh the memories! It was such a great weekend. If you haven’t checked out my series of wedding posts yet, you can read all about our invitations & stationary, the decor, flowers & centrepieces, and the fascinator and sashes I made!

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