Let the planning begin!

The countdown is on… T-minus 13 sleeps until we get the keys to our house! If you haven’t heard about our exciting news, you can read all about it here.

We did our final walk-through the other night and it was so exciting to look around and know that it is OURS to do whatever we want with. After years of living in apartments where we are limited by someone else’s choices, we can finally make all the decisions. Because it’s an older home that needs a lot of work, we are basically starting from scratch and we can choose all of the colours and finishes… actually it’s a little overwhelming, but in a good way. It’s funny, because I’ve been whining for years about the white walls in our current apartment and how I can’t wait to have another colour on the walls, but now that I’m actually choosing paint colours, the ones that I’m drawn to are all of the white and off-white collections! If there was one thing I didn’t like about the house, it’s that it doesn’t have the best natural light, and I think choosing a lighter colour will really brighten it up. Of course, taking down the old window treatments and ripping up the dark green carpet will go a long way to bring more light in, too!

So far my favourite paint shades are Statuesque by Behr Marquee and Sandstone Cove by Behr- friends of ours have most of their house painted in the latter, and I find it’s a great neutral that works well with my go-to colours of blue and grey. I’m going to use those two shades as my starting points and get some sample pots up on the walls before I make a decision.

Sandstone Cove by Behr – from Houzz

Our plan of attack when we get the keys is to clean everything, remove all the trim, prime everything, paint everything, paint the trim, rip up the old carpet, refinish the hardwood floors, and re-install the trim. No big deal, right?

Oh, and in addition to a fresh coat of paint on all the walls and trim, we are hoping to get a good chunk of the bathroom renovated. It doesn’t have to be finished or pretty, but we need a functional bathroom when we move in and can do the cosmetic stuff later. If you follow me on Instagram @cathyatdeardiy, you will have seen this basket weave tile that I am crushing on.

basket weave tile

Bianco Polished Basketweave Mosaics from Home Depot

It may be a little retro or trendy but I just love how it looks with the carrera marble subway tile that I am also in love with- and pairing it with a black vanity and mirror makes for a really stunning look.

carrera marble subway tile bathroom

Carrera marble subway tile and basket weave tile – from Houzz

Probably a little too fancy for a bathroom that will eventually (God willing) have a couple of kids using it, and the cost of the basket weave tile is also prohibitive- $14.99/square foot is not in my husband’s budget! I managed to find a similar tile on Amazon for $9.59/square foot so we may go that route, or we could even hop across the border to NY if we can’t find what we want for a reasonable price in Ottawa. To further reduce our costs, we are considering using plain white subway tile for most of the bathroom and then adding the more expensive tile in as more of an accent.

Carrera marble floor tile and white subway tile – from Houzz

We have one month of overlap between getting the keys and moving out of our apartment, so hopefully we have enough time to do all of this! My parents are coming to help us for a few days and we have some friends we can bribe with pizza and beer in exchange for manual labour. Other than a weekend camping trip, all we have planned for the rest of the summer is working on the house and moving. I am preparing myself for a schedule of work, paint, eat, sleep, repeat.

Am I crazy for thinking we can get all of this done in time for Sept 1? Have any recommendations for me, ie. reducing our chore list or painting the trim after re-installing it to hide the nails? I’d love to hear it!

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  1. krista says

    ok that basket-weave tile is gorgeous! Not at all what I was picturing from just the sample photo. DO IT!!!

  2. Cathy says

    Thanks everyone! I know I will be exhausted and tired of home renos soon but right now I’m just excited! :) :) :)

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