Why I’ve Been Quiet Lately

You may have been wondering where I’ve been hiding lately. The last few weeks have been bananas busy (say that 5 times fast)- helping friends prep for a wedding, refinishing a dresser, dealing with the most stressful work week of my life, and then buying a house. Wait, what?!

I’ll give you a moment for that to sink in.







Yeah. We bought a freaking house. If you know me at all you’ll know this is something I’ve wanted for a while. All of my creative urges have been getting pretty stifled in our apartment; my Ikea craft cart is bursting at the seams, and our workshop is actually just a fire escape. I’m sure our neighbors are also getting tired of walking around the various pieces of furniture refinishing projects I’ve been working on in our parking spot.

We’ve been looking for about a year for the right house, but life kept throwing curve balls at us. One failed home inspection (broken septic system, no thank you very much) and one career change later, we finally found it! It is a 1960s era Boyd Block bungalow in a small town about 20 min from Ottawa, and we are super excited to make it ours. Here are some pictures from the real estate listing for your Throwback Thursday perusing pleasure:

exterior front 2 kitchen 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 1 bedroom 2 backyard 1 sun porch 1 dining room 1 exterior back 1

Olive green carpet and gold painted bathroom tiles, anyone? How about a creepy cat statue or old lady chandelier? I hear avocado bathroom fixtures are coming back into style. But seriously, it has so much potential. Even if all we do for the first little bit is paint and rip up the carpet to reveal the hardwood underneath. The whole house actually reminds me a lot of the “before” pictures from the house I grew up in.

Can’t wait for this new chapter in our lives to begin, not to mention all the awesome material for blog posts it will bring! Hope you’ll join in the fun.

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  1. krista says

    Wheeeeee!!! This is a DIY HAVEN! Cannot wait to see the “after” photos once you completely flip this home and make it your own! PS—that yard is gorgeous!

  2. Laura says

    YAY! This looks amazing, and I’m so happy that you both found something that you love :)! I can’t wait to impose myself for a visit once you’re all settled in! Congratulations to you both! So many exclamation marks!

  3. My Tran says

    Can’t wait till you get to tear it apart. Where are the rocking lawn chair and old exercise bike? Those are the best thing in the house. Hehe

  4. Kristie Desanti says

    Wow! Congrats Cathy!! What an exciting time! You won’t be bored this Winter!! Perfect home, it is beautiful! :)

  5. car says

    So excited for you both!! Prepare for ups & downs but it’s all part of the adventure & will be so worth it in the end! Here’s to all the after diy pics. Can’t wait to come & visit!

  6. Cathy says

    Yay! Thanks guys! We will definitely have our work cut out for us and I am mentally preparing myself for living in a construction zone, since I usually like things being tidy and organized (and pretty). Our first visitors should take note that they will be given a paint roller, cleaning supplies, a cold drink and maybe a slice of pizza upon crossing our threshold.

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